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Do you have special twins in the family who would be perfect for a project to celebrate the diversity of twins? This summer I am looking for diverse twin families to join 'The unique Twins Project'.

What makes your twins unique? Parents of identical twins, same sex twins and sometimes even boy/girl twins may be used to the question "how do you tell the difference between them?" Or "which one are you?  I want to bust the myth that twins are identical, even for the identical ones!

Please tell me about your twins to apply for a place in the project!

Unique twins on show!

Part of the unique twins project has been exhibited in Ruislip twice, and also published in the TAMBA national magazine 'Multiple Matters'.  Watch this space for where we go next!

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To apply for the project you must:

  • Be willing to sign a model release for my use of the photographs
  • Be located within 60 minutes travel of Ruislip, West London.

Please tell me about your unique twins on the form below to apply for 'The Unique Twins Project'.  I'll be in touch within 7 days with more details about session times and if your application has been successful.

If you are chosen to take part in 'The Unique Twins Project' you may feature in the book and exhibition at the end of the year. You'll also get your own signed copy of the chosen project images to keep. There will be an opportunity to buy other photos from the session and a copy of the project book if you wish.

Thank you for you interest in The Unique Twins Project!  To talk about the project please email me jenny@tinyshoots.co.uk!