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Tips to find the perfect spring flowers

Tips to find the perfect spring flowers-media-1Sunshine? Check! Tips to find the perfect spring flowers-media-2

Blue sky? Check!

Beautiful blossoms? Check!

Is it spring? It certainly looks like it!  I can’t wait to get out there with my camera to capture spring moments with some little beauties. I love watching the landscape explode into life and it makes the perfect natural backdrop for your little ones to enjoy themselves in while I capture the moment.

Here are just a few of my favourites and when to look for them.

  • February, crocus are so neat and tidy and so colourful. They are found in planted displays, often in lawns.  Kew gardens has about a million of them!
  • March – daffodils appearing everywhere, but my favourite of the month is cherry blossom, creating clouds of pink on trees.
  • April – the month of the bluebells.  These flowers create a stunning sea of blue in the woods, the perfect contrast to the bright green leaves budding on the trees.
  • May the meadow flowers are coming out, my favourite the buttercups and kingcups, a sea of yellow for the kids to run in!

If you are planning on having a spring photo shoot then I can recommend a location to suit your dates or choose your shoot date for the flowers you enjoy most!  Please get in touch to book your ideal spring flowers photo shoot now!


Tips to find the perfect spring flowers-media-3



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