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Outdoor cake smash in Eastcote

We had some trouble keeping the “1” candle in our cake at this outdoor cake smash!  Evie thought the candle looked the most delicious part of the cake and immediately tried to eat it!  The candle was quickly rescued and Evie loved trying the cake.  We saved the cake until last as it can get messy, but Evie was the neatest cake eating one year old I have seen!

It was the perfect time for her Mum to use her photoshoot prize from my spring prize draw.  With the sun out at last we made the the most of it at the flower filled Eastcote House Gardens.  





Natural outdoor fun brings out the best in older children, and I aim to get relaxed portraits showing their personalities and the whole family enjoying themselves. Are these the kind of child portraits you would like to keep of your growing child?



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