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7 tips to help choose a family photographer

So you’d like a professional photographer to capture some portraits for lasting memories of this time in your family’s life?  But you are having trouble deciding who to hire?  Here are some of my tips of what look for when you choose a family photographer:

1) Portfolio – does the photographer have a portfolio showing a wide selection of work in the type of photography you are interested in.  This is important to give you an idea of what kind of images you can expect from a session. A blog can also show you more about the type of sessions a photographer is doing.

2) Style – does the photographer’s style match yours?  If you are looking for natural relaxed photos then a relaxed environment outside or in your own home will help keep the children happy. It is better to choose a photographer whose style you like then ask them to incorporate your specific ideas than to ask them to do something completely different to their usual style – they won’t be an expert in this and may not even be able to do it.

3) Specialism – does the photographer specialise in the type of photography you are interested in eg newborns or families, or do they do a bit of everything?  A family specialist is likely to have more knowledge of working with young children to get attractive images in a safe and fun way.

4) Location – would you like the photographs to include your own space with pictures at home or in a favourite outdoor location chosen by you? Or even a location where you are holding your special event eg a birthday party. If so look for a photographer who regularly shoots in a variety of locations instead of in a studio, and check that they cover the location you have in mind.  If you don’t have a clear location in mind ask about local knowledge for locations at that time of year.

5) Personalisation – Would you like to incorporate some of your own ideas and props into the session?  For example to celebrate your family heritage or a special birthday. If so look for a photographer who likes to try new ideas and is flexible to personalise sessions.

6) Price – Check what is included in the session price – you will probably want to buy additional images after the session.  Does the photographer have a clear price list available so you can plan ahead for image purchases?

7) Products – Are you interested in purchasing finished art for your walls?  Check if the photographer offers a full service option to design your finished artwork.  Alternatively if you know you want digital files to share and print yourself, are they available?

I hope this helps you choose a family photographer to suit your family.  If you are looking for natural relaxed newborn, baby or family photos please check out my portfolio, and if you like my style then check out the session and product prices and get in touch to talk about your personal ideas for your photo session!






Natural outdoor fun brings out the best in older children, and I aim to get relaxed portraits showing their personalities and the whole family enjoying themselves. Are these the kind of child portraits you would like to keep of your growing child?



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