Guinea pigs – Crumpet, Sprinkle and boys

Crumpet and Sprinkle are Teddy guinea pig sows, and are 11 months old. They live in a large indoor open topped C&C enclosure in the lounge and come out for exercise, cuddles and to mow the lawn.   Though they don’t like to sit down and watch TV with us they do greet us every time we come in and like climbing over us to see if we have food.  Their favourite foods are carrots and peppers and pea flakes for treats, and hay and grass all day every day!


Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) have been domesticated for 3000 years, originally for meat. They no longer have a direct equivalent in the wild, though related species live in the savannahs of South America.  The Teddy guinea pigs is one of several fancy breeds created by selective breeding, they have ‘bouncy’ short hair and come in many colours.


Close up fluffy guinea pig

Pets and Humans - not just cats and dogs


Hi, I'm Jenny and this is Mr Fluffy Head. For these photos I am on a mission to photograph portraits of the more unusual pets with their humans!

Pet (Noun) : a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure