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Family seasons photography – 2015

Happy new year everyone, and I hope you are looking forwards to a 2016 full of new adventures.  But I’d also like to take a look back at 2015 and all the wonderful families and children I met in my seasons photography, a special happy new year to you!    Heres a year’s worth of my favourites from each season.

In spring I love the brightness of the colours and new life beginning outside, and bluebells are one of my all time favourite flowers when they carpet the woods. 

In summer we might be able to rely on some sunshine, and it is also the time for all the end of term events at pre-school.

Autumn colours can be spectacular as the nights draw in.

And winter is much brightened up by Christmas portraits and Christmas decorations.

If you’d like to join me for photos in your favourite season get in touch to book your perfect slot in 2016!

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