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10 tips for choosing a newborn baby photographer

There is so much to think about when you are expecting a new addition to the family.  A popular way to make sure that you get photographs of your newborn baby at this busy time is to hire a professional to capture memories of this time.  But it can be tricky decision, almost as hard as choosing a wedding photographer!  Here are some of my tips of what look for when you are choosing a newborn baby photographer :

1) Style – does the photographer’s style match yours?  There are a wide range of styles in newborn photography, ranging from natural lifestyle photos of the newborn and family to highly stylised images of the newborn in special newborn props.

2) Portfolio – does the photographer have a portfolio showing images of newborns that you enjoy?  This gives you an idea of the kind of images you can expect from a session.  A blog can show a wider range of images from individual sessions.This gives you an idea of the kind of images you can expect from a session.

3) Experience – does the photographer specialise in newborn photography?  Working with newborns is a special field as it is quite different than a session with older more active children, so look for a photographer with experience with newborns to get attractive images in a safe and fun way.

4) Location – newborn sessions are generally held indoors, either in a studio or in your home.  A session at your home means that you don’t have to get baby out of the house in those tricky early weeks, and can be especially useful for including older siblings, and for lifestyle sessions where your home is part of the images.  Studio sessions tend to include more props and may concentrate only on baby.

5) Include the family – Mum and Dad and siblings are very important in these pictures of a newborn joining the family, but would you like to include grandparents or any other special people too?  If so check if this is included without an extra cost.

6) Adding your own props – Would you like to incorporate some of your own ideas and props into the session?  For example to celebrate your family heritage, your family home or pets. Look for a photographer who likes to experiment with new ideas to include your special items.

7) When to book – Newborns photos are tricky to plan for, as it’s best to take their first images in the first two weeks to catch them at their tiniest and especially if you want the sleepy curled up images.  It’s best to book your photographer in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it in the busy time after baby has arrived, and to guarantee the photographer’s availability.  Check what happens to your booking if baby is early or late, can you can confirm the date and time when baby has made an appearance?

8) Price – Check what is included in the session price – you will probably want to buy additional images after the session.  Does the photographer have a clear price list available so you can plan ahead for image purchases?

9) Products – Are you interested in purchasing finished art for your walls?  Check if the photographer offers a full service option to design your finished artwork.  Alternatively if you know you want digital files to share and print yourself, are they available?

10) Growing up – Would you like to have the same photographer capture your baby as they grow up.  Do they offer a package of photo sessions for this?

I hope this helps you in choosing a newborn baby photographer to suit your family.  If you are looking for images with your newborn that are as individual as your family, then take a look at my portfolio of natural lifestyle newborn images taken at home.  If you like my style then check out the session and product prices and get in touch to talk about your personal ideas for your photo session!

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As a lifestyle newborn photographer I just love to capture simple natural portraits of your tiny newborn baby relaxing at home with the family.


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