Celebrating one year olds with "cake smash" portraits in Hillingdon

One year olds often don’t know much about cake.  And they certainly haven’t been given a whole one to themselves before!  So setting up a photo shoot where they are presented with a whole cake to investigate is a popular new way to celebrate a first birthday. The reactions range from surprise to careful investigation of this unknown object – or just finding out how to make a mess, and can be captured as a great set of portraits!

And some children are so careful they hardly make any mess at all, but they certainly like to find out what is inside!  I love to photographically capture the story of the cake exploration in a set of pictures like this.

I also do cake smashes outdoors for a natural look, great for a summer birthday.

Outdoors cake smash

Twins have to share a lot, including their birthday, but they didn’t want to share their cakes. No, what these two wanted was all of their twins’s cake instead!

I usually include a cake smash in a family photo session so we have pictures of the whole family at this milestone event before a messy cake smash to celebrate a one year birthday, get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

You can see more recent cake smashes on the blog, and here are some of my favourite one year old celebrations:

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